Dr. David Neubauer


Dr. David NeubauerDr. David Neubauer graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in 1983. Following twenty years of successful practice he became a trainer and coach for hundreds of doctors and their teams throughout the United States. Today, he focuses his attention on how to help people live better lives with improved health by reconnecting to their most endearing values, positive thinking, and weight-loss. His greatest joy remains being married to his beautiful wife, Carrie of 35 years and spending time with his three outstanding children, Cole, Ross and Anne.

Sandra Gay

Fat Loss Coach

Fat Loss CoachSandra Gay has worked in the health care industry over the past thirteen years. In February, 2018 Sandy became a patient utilizing the Minnesota Metabolic Weight-Loss Program and lost forty-five pounds. The most pleasant side effect to her losing weight was gaining amazing energy. She now feels very fortunate to be able to work with patients on a daily basis and utilize her knowledge and experience to help them lose weight, burn fat, feel healthy and smile when they look in the mirror. "We are so blessed to meet more and more people every day who are interested in learning about health and healing."