14 REAL & Relevant Reasons

YOU May Be Sparked Into Action.

Warning: This may be a little uncomfortable for some to read because the points may feel a bit (correction) very personal. They may really strike home. We apologize in advance … sort of … Okay, not really.

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One More Key “T” to Trimming Fat

In our last blog message we shared about 3 T’s to Trimming Fat. Recall, those were: Teamwork, Tools and Technology. If you missed that piece, we encourage you to go back and read it! Moving forward, we want to touch on one more critical T … your THINKING! Now, you may ask:

“What does the way I think have to do with my weight or my health?”

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3 T’s to Help Trim Fat

A “Quickie Version” Overview of Our Program.

We are routinely asked to share the “quick version” of what our program is all about. Of course, people ask that because it seems we’re ALL in a hurry … ALL the time these days. The truth of the matter is it’s often difficult to share a quick version for the mere fact that weight issues, metabolism, obesity and weight loss can all be SO complicated. Maybe you have noticed this yourself?

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Comfort Is Not (always) Your Friend!

If you are in Program or follow along with us at all, you surely know that we LOVE to celebrate the victories that our clients experience. Every pound that is dropped matters. It’s always fun when they get an updated computerized body composition analysis that shows positive change and solid momentum. Of course, when they hit their goal weight we absolutely celebrate!

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To Push... Or NOT to Push

One very strong aspect of our program is the SUPPORT model. We are proud to say we typically do quite well with that key aspect. As you might imagine, a support role is a challenging line to walk in any area of health and wellness. It is especially tough in weight loss!

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