Are You Ignorant?

Yikes! That question sounds kind of rude, doesn’t it? Please Note: Before, you take it the wrong way, read on to be sure you know the TRUE definition of the word. It’s a very important word and underlying CAUSE of many Americans’ Weight Loss War!

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New Year. New You. Still Possible!

Don’t Start “Ditching”!

Wow! How fast do these first few weeks of January seem to fly by? We are just a few weeks past the New Year’s Eve Ball dropping, but for many, those New Year intentions or (“resolutions’) have sputtered.

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5 Ways to Help YOU Win with Weight Loss This Year!

The launching of a new year is always an exciting time for us! We will coach many people toward achieving their “New Year’s Resolutions” – since many will be focused on health and wellness goals.

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H.A.P.P.Y. N.E.W. Y.E.A.R!

Happiness depends upon your outlook on life. Find the good in all situations!
Attitude is just as important as ability. Keep your attitude positive!

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5 MORE … Tips For Turkey Day!

Thanks for checking back after our last post to learn 5 MORE Tips for Turkey day! As we said in our last post this time of year can really challenge people’s weight – and it’s often more difficult to take it back off after the holidays than it is to add it - if you’ve not noticed that!

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