Real Solutions to Fat Fighting Frustrations 2/5

Part 2 of 5

Frustration #2: “Cheating” on YOURSELF

This topic is SOOOO frustrating, isn’t it? We SAY we want to do something … then we fail to keep our word. It’s our word to OURSELF! Most people fighting weight challenges KNOW they need to shuck some poundage. They secretly try … but many fail over and over.

SELF discipline is tough. Repeated failure despite good intentions creates frustrations. One quote that seems to tie into this common occurrence says this:

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Real Solutions to Fat Fighting Frustrations

Part 1 of 5

Frustration #1: Choosing the RIGHT Strategy

Maybe the most frustrating thing about wanting to lose weight is just making the selection of HOW you’re going to do it! Americans are bombarded with ads, fads and super pills that promise to be THE solution. We know that it’s absolutely overwhelming at times!

Maybe you’re even thinking that about The Lifetime Metabolic Program which we share about in this blog! In your head you may be thinking “Here we go again!” If so, we totally understand. Over the years we, too, have been bombarded with what everyone else thought all of our patients needed. But, we never found a true solution until being introduced to this program. We’ll get to why this is in just a minute!

The point with this frustration is that there are so darn many potions, prescriptions and programs out there that the typical person usually does one of two things:

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Fat Fighting Frustration

You need to know that if you’re feeling frustrated in your attempt (or for many people numerous attempts) to lose fat … YOU’RE NOT ALONE!

Exactly how many people struggle with this is hard to clearly identify, but let’s share a few very interesting numbers:

  • In a January 2013 USA Today article it stated: On average about 20% of people said they were on a diet during any given period of time. Well, if there are 319 Million people in America, then 20% of that is like 64 million people … at any given time!
  • A 2012 ABC News 20/20 reported a number even higher stating that 108 Million people were on diets in America.
  • In her book “The Bodywise Woman”, Judy Mahle Lutter claimed 50% of women are on a diet at any given time.

So, while the EXACT number is difficult to track down, one thing is clear: It’s a BUNCH! 10’s and 10’s of millions at any given time.

Of course, that’s probably not real surprising when one looks at the high rates of overweight and obesity in America. We are not going to share those numbers in this blog. We’ve done it before, and you have probably seen those. And, frankly, this piece is not written for all those other people... It’s for YOU!

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Lose Weight. Save Money.

News Flash!
Study finds that losing weight could save a person THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in additional costs.

One of the most common questions we get about our super successful program is “How Much Does It COST?” We’ve addressed this in many different ways because the truth of the matter is that the cost of The Lifetime Metabolic Program varies a bit from client to client based on a number of key factors.

Perhaps the REAL thing people need informed of, however, is information like what was found in this study shared on the U.S. News & World Report website.

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The "M" in T.E.A.M.

In our last 3 blogs we’ve progressively touched on how our weight loss program emphasizes that our clients on this journey with us always “Think T.E.A.M.”

Recall, we’ve broke that word TEAM down and hit on the meaning of each letter.

  • “T stands for Targets” and that any successful TEAM must be crystal clear on what they are aiming for. An unclear or unrealistic weight loss goal is often the exact reason for failure.
  • “E stands for Execution”: the aspect of following up and following through with the “DOING” of what is required to HIT that meaningful target … to lose weight and create a focused lifestyle change.
  • “A stands for attitude”: The “BIG LOSERS” (those who come in, set a target, follow the program, reach their big goals and truly change their lifestyle so they keep the weight off) have one thing in common: they have a powerful and positive ATTITUDE! It really IS THE DIFFERENCE MAKER!
  • So, what about the “M”?

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