How Many YEARS are YOU Willing to Give Up?

We always pay close attention to research studies and experiments that measure the effect of what we do. We also pay a lot of attention to studies that demonstrate what happens when people do NOT engage in a successful weight reduction and maintenance program.

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What Type pf Questions Are YOU Asking?

It’s been said by many coaches and advisors in the area of life coaching, professional development, performance improvement and similar fields that “The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask!”

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The Epic Study

This post is very simple and to the point. Start by reading the last 2 lines of the study above. It says:

CONCLUSION: Adhering to 4 simple healthy lifestyle factors can have a strong impact on the prevention of chronic diseases.

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Direction... Not Perfection!

If you are currently working to (or desiring to) lose weight, chances are you may have struggled with something many of our weight loss clients share with us: the challenge of being “perfect”.

It happens frequently. People lose, lose and lose more weight. They are cruising along well. Then, for whatever reason, they experience a “curve ball”. Some special event comes up. A favorite dish is on the menu. They slip up a bit. They “cheat” on their plan.

Of course, this is typically followed by feeling of let down in themselves. Maybe it shows on the scale. They immediately feel like a flop or failure.

But, wait! They had done great for days and days! Maybe even weeks … or months! Yet, they let this one time of weakness ... this one off day (or week) … get them down and throw them completely off course. We believe it is important to keep the BIG picture in mind. Don’t let one glitch ruin the effort. Don’t expect perfection. It, seriously, never happens!

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Limiting Mindset #11


Let’s address this one by first acknowledging that we do NOT know your personal financial situation. But we can say (with pretty good certainty) that this is an area that people frequently make assumptions … And have a mind-set of LIMITIED THINKING when it comes to their health. Here are just a couple of quick LIMITING THOUGHTS this topic typically brings …

First, many, many people in America today cannot afford to NOT invest in a REAL solution for their weight challenge. It has gotten to that point. The ramifications and true, astronomical costs associated with living overweight or obese absolutely squash the investment required to benefit from an effective program like ours.

Next, we simply cannot put a “price tag” on our health. The loss of health … and the loss of your enjoyment and self-worth is PRICELESS.

The dollars and cents related to weight issues in our country are staggering. Check these few stats out:

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